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Saylah Essentials Facial

Saylah Essentials Facial

The facial designed to tackle all of your skin care needs and is known for providing remarkable results, no matter the condition before the treatment takes place. The multi step, personalized treatment is the ultimate corrective and pampering experience.


Skin Analysis
Deep Cleansing
Herbal Steam
Décolleté Massage
Light Exfoliating
Head Massage
Masking Gua Sha + Lymphatic Facial Massage
Cold Therapy, High Frequency, or LED Finishing Product Application

Suggested Enhancements

qi beauty for eye or lip area
casmara mask
sensi peel
hydra lips

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Stephanie is by far one of the most talented beauty practitioners we have in Tampa. Her work continues to amaze me. She is current with the latest trends and always training for what's coming. You are in good hands with her. Sit back and melt away at her gentle touch.